1 kg Berbere

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Berbere is the most popular spice blend for Ethiopians and Eritreans. You will find it in every household, be it back home or outside these countries. Habesha dishes normally are divided in to Alecha (white stew) and key wot/keyeh xebhi (a stew with berbere). Key wot/keyeh xebhi can be anything from vegetable-based, legume-based or meat-based dishes.
Dishes made with berbere normally has reddish colour due to the colour of red paper. The culinary use of this excellent blend cannot be understated. Its peppery and mildly sweet tones capture the heart and soul of Ethiopian and Eritrean cook.
The European regulation on berbere is tough. It puts it under 'high risk' classification. Unless berbere is collected on time in the farm or if it comes in sustained contact with moisture, fungus grows around the top part of the pod where the seed resides. These fungi produce a toxic substance called 'aflatoxin' which is believed to cause cancer. The recommended maximum level of aflatoxins in human food is 4ppb according to European Community and Codex Alimentarius (9).
The traditional preparation method completely ignore this fact. Our plant in Addis Ababa though, made it its customary to make its purchase write from the farm to control quality, taste, colour, and above all cleanliness. There is extreme level of sensitivity during preparation because the regulation leaves no room for manoeuvre.
We prepare the cleanest, healthiest and arguably the tastiest berbere in the world.
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shallot, Garlic, Red paper, White and Black Cumin, Salt, Cinnamon, Clover, Nutmeg, Black paper, Long Pepper, Cardamom