Kebe Manteria

Kebe Manteria

This is a magic blend for of Ethipian or Eritean dish. Especially back home when there is some kind of festive season, the whole neighbourhood would have somewhat different feel and smell. Every household you pass by, there is this urging and mouth-watering smell that fumes out from every kitchen. The smell comes from the ingredient that is added at the end of special dishes. This ingredient is called Kebe (spiced butter).

Kebe Manteria is the spice blend that is used to spice up a butter. When Indians purifying butter - that is, gently boil it until the milk-solids separate from the fatty oil - they add no spices, but the Ethiopian version (niter kibe) adds lots of spices.

Manteria is a term that refers to the blend of spices you mix and put into the butter while it's purifying (the verb manter means to purify). You can also call this by the more generic term ye'kibe qemam, or kibe spice. The ingredients may show some variation depending on the chief.

The spices need to simmer in the boiling butter for a while, and then you strain the mixture through cheesecloth to remove the spices before letting the deep golden liquid solidify.

As soon as you add this to a dish you recognize the sensational flavours of kesseret, korerima and other punching heavy weights.
Use mesob's organic kebe manteria spice to make your own kebe from butter you find in your local market.