1kg Bula

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Bula (false banana) is a starchy white powder, harvested in Ethiopia from the Enset plant. Here is how bulla is extracted out of the enset plant. The stem and leaf are scraped into a pulp first, followed by a thorough squeezing made by abled mothers to a thick whitish juice. It is condensed and sun dried to give us white crystal fine powder we call Bula.

It is an extremely hardy and versatile crop with high nutritional value: rich in potassium, calcium, and iron, although low in protein. In Ethiopia and Eritrea communities, it is believed that Bula gives good recovery strength for mothers right after birth.

It should be rehydrated first before making dumplings, porridge, pancakes or a beverage famous among many Habesha communities.

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Reference: Slow food foundation for
biodiversity, Fassica.com

100% false banana starch